OEM Customization Center
We have been working with customers to design and manufacture professional food packaging products for various purposes, including takeout bowls, food packaging boxes, paper bags etc.
Customizing or creating the right food packaging solution starts with assessing the needs of the product. Whether it is used in food packaging or other applications, it will affect your choice of material, whether it needs food grade, water and oil proof, refrigeration or microwave performance, etc.
Once identified your performance requirements, we will walk you step by step through our customization process. Next, we will create a packaging proposal, including product details, inventory requirements and logistics, and give a rough product development schedule.
With the approved offer in hand, we will start to extract materials and make product samples. During the whole testing process, Hemando's packaging experts will be by your side, providing reliable advice and quick design adjustments until we achieve the high performance results you need.
With the sample confirmation completed, we will develop the final specifications for your packaging and stay in close contact with your team, once everything is ready, we will arrange your production schedule and start printing and production.
Our factory and operations teams work together to keep orders on track to ensure you receive your custom packaging on the date we promise. We'll make sure your product arrives on time and as promised. We will also confirm your inventory management plan and make adjustments as needed.
What Can We Customize?
We provide food-grade paper bowls, paper cups which are eco-friendly, safe, hygienic, biodegradable and compostable.
1: Printing and LOGO
We have a variety of printing processes to meet your needs, of course, also suitable for LOGO customization.
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2: Packaging Design
We have a professional design team to meet your design needs and subsequent adjustments, and give you a satisfactory design experience at the fastest speed.
Design Case 01
Design Case 02
Design Case 03
Design Case 04
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3: Material Choose
We prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable kraft paper, to minimize the impact onthe environment.
Kraft Paper
White Kraft Paper
And more less commonly used materials can also be confirmed by talking to our team.
4: Size Customization
The width, height and length of the product can be adjusted to suit your application.
Size 01
Size 02
Size 03
Size 04
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Custom Examples
The recognition of our clients is the accumulation of our customization

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    Our Factory
    As a factory focusing on the manufacture of paper food packaging, we have advanced production equipment and technology to ensure that we can provide high quality. We strictly follow international standards and industry norms to ensure our paper food packaging products meet the highest quality standards. In addition, we provide flexible customization services and are committed to providing customers with personalized solutions. Finally, we focus on environmental protection and sustainable development, using renewable materials and environmentally friendly processes, and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.
    Efficient Packaging Solutions
    We provide you food grade paper bowls, paper cups which are Eco-friendly, Safe,Hygienic, Biodegradable and Compostable.
    Paper Soup Cups
    Our paper soup cups are ideal for tailor-made dining establishments that seek high-quality, delicious food. Whether in a fast food restaurant, cafe or restaurant, our paper soup cups will give your customers a unique dining experience.
    Paper Salad Bowls
    With a larger capacity, our paper salad bowls can easily accommodate a variety of foods, providing your customers with a great dining experience. Whether for commercial or personal use, our bowls can meet your needs.
    Rectangular Paper Bowls
    The design of the rectangular paper bowl is simple and stylish, suitable for various occasions. They are ideal whether for a meal at home, lunch at the office, or a picnic outdoors. You can choose from different sizes and colors to suit your personal preferences and needs.
    Square Paper Bowls
    Square Paper Bowls
    Square paper bowls stands out with its unique square shape. You can choose different colors and patterns to decorate these square bowls to express your personality and creativity.
    Disposable Paper Cups
    In a fast-paced life, disposable paper cups have become a convenient and environmentally friendly choice for beverage containers. Through unique design and advantages, it provides you with a high-quality, sustainable solution.
    Cooperation Partner
    As a partner of world-class brands, Hemando Packaging warmly welcomes you to join us.