We advocate and lead a green and low-carbon lifestyle, go all out to protect the ecology of sustainable development.
With the continuous expansion of intelligent technology and human knowledge, we can sharply reduce the damage that we cause to our natural environment through advanced production technologies and internationally recognized raw materials. As one of the active practitioners of sustainable development, Hemando Packaging is perseveringly dedicated to making innovative improvements.
Hemando Packaging sustainable operation
Is to the development and use of renewable resources as raw materials. Focus on the development of biodegradable products. Aiming to make contributions to changing the economic and environmental conditions of forests.
Make the world greener
we provide solutions to help you achieve this goal through environmentally friendly, practical and sustainable food packaging products and services.
PLA coated
Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bio-based and biodegradable material that not only reduces the carbon footprint but can also be decomposed in various ways.
Continuous Innovation
Through continuous innovation, Hemando Packaging develops better environmental protection food packaging products, thereby reducing energy and resource consumption, emissions and related costs, and promoting sustainable