The 135th Canton Fair in 2024: Henan Hemando Packaging Co., Ltd.


The 135th Canton Fair in 2024 was held grandly in Guangzhou recently, attracting exhibitors and buyers from all over the world. As one of the world’s largest, highest-level, oldest comprehensive international trade events with the largest number of participating countries, the largest variety of commodities, and the largest transaction volume, the Canton Fair has been undertaking the important mission of connecting China and the world since its inception in 1957. , providing an important platform for enterprises to display their brands, expand markets, and negotiate business.

Henan Hemando Packaging Co., Ltd. (Henan Hemando Packaging Co., Ltd.), as one of the exhibitors at this Canton Fair, has attracted the attention of many buyers with its unique products and services. Henan Hemando Packaging Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing factory specializing in disposable tableware products. Its main products include aluminum foil soup bowls, gold foil soup bowls, kraft paper soup cups, kraft paper salad bowls, rectangular paper bowls, square paper bowls, kraft paper Bags, fried chicken boxes, paper food trays, popcorn buckets, paper noodle boxes, single-layer paper cups, double-layer paper cups, corrugated paper cups, cold drink paper cups, ice cream cups, square paper cups, paper lids, PP lids, PET lids and other products .

As a biodegradable materials company committed to environmental protection, Henan Hemando Packaging Co., Ltd. has advantages in terms of cost and long-term service. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO4001 environmental management system certification, FSC and BRC certification. Ensure product quality and environmental protection standards are met.


At this Canton Fair, Henan Hemando Packaging Co., Ltd. conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations with buyers from all over the world on cooperation matters. We look forward to expanding into a broader market through the platform of the Canton Fair and providing customers with better products and services.


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