How to choose paper food packaging?


Paper food packaging can be seen everywhere in life, paper bags for bread, fast food restaurants to hold fries, chicken wings, disposable paper cups for guests at home, etc. How is the quality of these paper goods? How should I buy it?


food packaging


1. Look at the colour. In the purchase of paper cups, you should choose the printing color lighter products, but if the color of paper products is too white, may be added to a large number of fluorescent whitening agents or contain impurities, it is recommended not to be used. At the same time, you should distinguish between cold drink cups and hot drink cups. Cold drink cups are mainly used for frozen drinks, carbonated beverages, etc., and hot drinks compared to paper cups, cold drink cups, the paper cup side and bottom of the seal relatively can not withstand higher temperatures, if filled with hot water, in the temperature conditions, cold drink paper cups may leak, causing burns and other hazards. Therefore, cold drinks paper cups cannot be used for hot drinks.


2. Look at the stiffness. Good paper cups or paper bowls are very hard, resilient, poor quality paper cups and paper bowls tend to pinch after a very soft, no resilient performance, it is recommended that the purchase can be pinched, try to buy the cup body stiff paper cups and paper bowls.


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